December, 2010

Jade and Positive Associations

I have been working with a very tough case recently. Her name is Jade, and she is an American Bulldog. Jade was obtained by Hobocare boxer rescue in Denver, Co. Her story sounds like this. She was found in her previous owners backyard by animal control. Her ears had been cut off with scissors. She […]

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Flirt with your dog

  About this time every year I have the most calls for destructive behavior and aggression.  The days are shorter and colder and dogs get less and less excersise and stimulation.  One easy way to excersise your dog mentally and physically is the flirt pole.  Mentally and physically satisfied dogs exhibit much fewer behavioral problems.  […]

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Vote for Bacha the wonder dog!

My amazing dog Bacha my 9 year old Border Collie Mix a.k.a “Shark Bait” on all my dog training adventures is in a photo contest and she needs your help. Click the link -vote for Bacha! Tired of spoiled pugs and ordinary labs being cover girls, we are. My dog has a job and […]

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Submision is Learned Helplessness.

We have learned so much about dogs in the last ten years that it sometimes still shocks me to hear that people are still using the “alpha roll” and “scruffing” to establish thier dominance.  Dogs are certainly pack animals and need a leader, there is no denying that.   Recently, however, the idea of a pack […]

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