January, 2011

Fun Music Video with dogs

Dog training should be fun. All too often I see owners with great tricks but horrible obedience. People often will spend time and lots of fun energy on teaching a dog a complex trick but when it comes to leash walking, duration, basic obedience and recall this comes across as work even though the process […]

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More thoughts on the Denver Breed Ban

As if killing over 3,000 dogs based on their breed not their behavior wasn’t enough. Now, Denver wants to deny their own citizens the right to have a service dog that is a pitbull. Evidently, the public authorities in Denver think that people will use it as a loophole to rush their pitbulls into Denver. […]

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Teach your dog to Pull!

One of the most common complaints owners seem to have is “my dog pulls on the leash”. Well remember what we here at G.D.T say, D.D.W.W – DOGS DO WHAT WORKS. If a dog who is borne with opposition reflex (like ever aspect of the universe- for every action there is an equal and opposite […]

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