March, 2011

Leash Aggression: Stop The Frustration.

When owners come to us and say their dog has “dog aggression” issues, 95% of the time it is only happening on leash or began on leash. Some of these cases the dog is fantastic off leash and only acts up when confined on a tight leash. The leash is a foreign part of the […]

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Dogs are amazing, sensitive creatures.

There is amazing footage coming out of Japan, often after a disaster we don’t see the tremendous effect it has on the pets in the home at the time of the destruction. There were so many pets displaced, injured and killed in this tragedy but there are also heroic survival stories. There is this great […]

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C.H.I.T. Happens

(Corrections are not a 4 letter word) Corrections Happen In Time-C.H.I.T Once I had a teacher who said that we wouldn’t use foul language if we understood where these “four letter words came from”. He assured us we could use what ever we wanted if we used them correctly. I mumbled something about “Holy Dung” […]

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Territorial Aggression or Self Rewarding Behavior?

A common explanation for aggression among some of my clients is “territorial aggression.”  In some cases the dog is truly territorial over its space or yard.  But, in a majority of cases, the dog is simply engaging in a “self-rewarding behavior.”  Look at it from  a dog’s perspective.    A good example is the postman.  Everytime they […]

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