August, 2011

Premack Pooches- the best way to train!

Premack’s Principle Dog dorks all over the world will name drop the Premack principle in training and if they haven’t used it by name it is most likely something they have done a hundred times without ever knowing it had a name. This is one of the most effective ways trainers get dogs to do […]

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Dog Bowl holding training back?

“My dog doesn’t really have a lot of food drive” “She’s picky” or “he prefers to graze” I hear it all the time. People who feed their do two or three times a day from the bowl or worst yet free feed the dog. These people are the most likely to struggle to motivate their […]

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Be wary of big box trainers.

-The original blog which ousted a well known chain training facility caused a bit of commotion. This blog has been edited to keep it positive and encourage readers to find their own referrals and testimonials they trust. This piece was written by a passionate trainer who is raising a little hell out of hope that […]

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Fearful Fido, don’t be scared.

Neo-phobia. Dogs have a tendency to act fearful toward new objects, people, places and that which they don’t understand. Young dogs go through to long term memory stages that are coincidentally high fear imprint stages of development. This occurs very young around 9-11 weeks and again in early adolescence around 9-12months depending on breed (earlier […]

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I recently had the opportunity to attend a full day seminar by Patricia McConnell, my favorite “real” trainer.  The seminars topic was reactivity and aggression between familiar and unfamiliar dogs.The first topic was “why are we seeing more reactivity in dogs?” The answers in short were: 1) people are getting their dogs out more. 2) […]

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