September, 2011

Unemployment Rates Soar Near 80% for Canines!

Dark days indeed, what’s a dog to do? Humans think that 11 and 13% unemployment rates are devastating numbers, they are rather self-centered creatures. We canines have been dealing with this epidemic of unemployment for years. Since the industrial revolution dog jobs have been steadily on the decline. Now the booming age of communication and […]

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The hardest thing to teach owner’s is patience and to rely on the process of building cues and naming behaviors. Dogs are NOT verbal creatures, in fact less is more with dogs when it comes to language. Learning a proper sequence of commands will clean up communication and work toward first time asked obedience. When […]

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Reliable Recall

Most of my clients that come to me for help in making their dog come to them better have already defined the word or words “Come” or “Come here” for their dog.  To the dog it simply means a fun game of catch me if you can. Dogs associate words that they here with the behavior […]

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