October, 2011


Impulse Control- This is a phrase trainers say a lot for dogs who usually have a hard time not jumping all over guests, getting over-stimulated at the dog park, humping legs and all those lovely reactive behaviors. Many of these owners say things about the dog being stubborn, stupid, or that it is just part […]

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What John Thinks?

It is probably gonna take a few weeks to compress what John Rogerson said at his four day seminar into ideas that I can use effectively in my world and classes.  The main thing that I took away from the seminar is something I already knew but never want to express to owners.  “Make time […]

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John Rogerson Seminar. Day 1.

As Certified Trainers we have a responsibility to keep up on our own education to make sure we are practicing the latest, safest and scientifically sound techniques. There is a wealth of knowledge out there and attending seminars and workshops is one way we keep our training methods top notch. John Rogerson is a world […]

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No Means No

One of my biggest pet peeves is watching a dog drag an owner over to greet another dog while the oblivious owner looks down without ever acknowledging the other owner. Sadly the canines in this situation are set up for inappropriate communication also. Dogs have a perfected non verbal language that is often inhibited by […]

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