November, 2011

Put on your work clothes.

We all wear uniforms or work approved clothes when we are off to do our jobs. Maybe we have jobs we love or maybe they are hard, demanding or uninspiring. We know that if we do it we get a paycheck and we can save up to do something fun that we want to do. […]

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Thanksgiving Advice For Pooches

As we sit down to enjoy this Thanksgiving holiday, it’s so hard to resist the temptation to share Thanksgiving dinner with our furry members of our family.Here’s a few tips to help keep your furry family members happy and healthy as you gather ’round the table this Thanksgiving Day…. While cooked turkey meat is safe […]

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Teach your dog Fetch, not chase me games.

Fetch builds relationship dynamics. Retrieval games are the best way to not only prevent your dog from guarding objects and stealing your belongings to incite chase games but it is the best way to play and train your dog. If you have a dog you have some amount of prey drive. Depending on your breed […]

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The first rule of dog fight club is…

The first rule of dog fight club? You don’t talk about dog fight club. It must be the same rules Tyler Durden preaches in his Fight Club because owner after unsuspecting owner is ushered into the dog park as a fun place to exercise their dog. Dog aggression is steadily on the rise and one […]

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Are you really a dog person?

I hear it all the time “I’m a dog person”. Well we are dog people. I think a lot of us consider ourselves dog fanatics but what makes us “dog people”. I consider someone with a real relationship based on trust, communication and enjoyment to be a “dog person”. There is a real problem in […]

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Dogs these days just need to learn to chill out, be cool and relax.  We see a lot of dogs that are so overstimulated that they don’t know how to just sit at home and take a nap.  It is so important for dogs to know that it is OK to just be alone.  Dogs […]

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