January, 2012

That “dirt-ball” next door

Growing up we lived in the country in Colorado. As kids my older sister and I lived in the last house in the furthest lot on our dirt road in our rustic Spanish tile house. We were surrounded by serenity and peach and quiet. Exploring the emptiness and countryside around our home on a daily basis was […]

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Leash walking can be a drag

Most of the clients I work with usually need to start with walking the dog on leash. Walking on the leash is an important role in the social dynamics of your walk. The leash walk should be a joy, you and your friend out exploring the world but for too many owners it has become […]

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Punishment vs. Rewards, big showdown.

Everyday someone asks me about or tells me their personal philosophy about positive reinforcement based techniques versus traditional training methods. The problem is everyone has a pre-conceived idea that positive training techniques is simply feeding a dog cookies for performing tasks and anything else must be punishment and consequences. It couldn’t be more wrong. Cesar Milan and this concept of […]

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Ouch, my pride. Don’t get defensive.

I walk out of the dog lounge the other day past a very nice client who has a neurotic whippet that has more issues than Rolling Stone. She see’s me walking with my own dog Bacha and says, “this must be the most well behaved dog in the world”. I smiled and we trotted on […]

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Oh those lumps and bumps

Bacha my Border Collie mix is now a healthy 10 years old, she will be 11 in May. She still has a lot of bounce in her step. I credit that to good health and lots of mental stimulation. Right now she is vigerously working on her “Lambchop” stuffed toy I gave her for Christmas […]

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Puppies bite.  A lot.  They have weak jaws and sharp teeth for very good reasons.  So that it hurts but doesn’t do any damage.  If they were to bite mom, dad, or a brother or sister, they would yipe loudly or turn and “correct” them.  We will never be able to fully replicate that communication […]

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