April, 2012

What I Learned From Violet…………..

Violet was a dream dog.  I had always wanted a white Boxer and here she was.  Gorgeous.   She was perfect in every way, friendly, cute, and playful .  She came from a fellow trainer at the Academy who had her mom, Quest, also the perfect dog.  I remember looking at Quest and hoping that […]

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I recently did a Q&A day at All The Best Pet Care in Lake City Way and I was surprised that over half the people I talked to wanted to know how to stop their dog from digging up the yard. If you go online or ask around you will hear the same tired advice […]

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Teach your dog the “F word”

One of the most important skills to teach any age dog is how to handle frustration. There are two major factors that function as folly’s to finding fido’s with fantastic behaviors (Hee He). Fear and Frustration are the two common denominators in dogs with major behavior issues or aggressive traits. Dogs who grow up never learning how […]

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What the nose knows

Consider that your dog has a talent, a gift if you will. Like any nurturing caring “parent” don’t you want to encourage that gift and let your dog enjoy the pure bliss of actualizing his potential? We have only a small concept of what the world of looks and smells like to our dogs. The […]

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