May, 2012

What’s wrong with my prong?

I don’t often endorse a piece of training equipment. If you have ever taken a lesson or class from me I when we discuss training equipment I give the same speech. I tell clients no piece of equipment will train your dog, people train dogs and equipment can be used to help or hinder us […]

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Announced: Intro to Pulling Workshop

Join Good Dog Training Sunday, June 24th at the Academy of Canine Behavior in Bothell, WA for this fun full day workshop. Do you need a way to exercise your dog?  Does your dog love to pull, pull, pull?  Bored of fetch and taking long walks or jogs?  Pulling  is a good way to burn […]

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Changing Self Rewarding Behavior

I walk around the neighborhoods in Lone Tree, Colorado A LOT and  I am usually walking one or two dogs.   The majority of houses that I walk by have dogs in the backyard that bark at me.  Their self rewarding behavior works every time.  I started to feel kinda bad about this recently and decided […]

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How could something “Sorong” be so right?

In response to Eric’s recent blog “What I learned from Violet” I thought I would re-post my thought that I wrote when she passed, this is what I (Drew) learned from Violet (and Eric). Thanks to both of you for the inspiration: How could something “Sorong” be so right? By Drew Webster. For Violet, R.I.P 03/02/10 […]

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