June, 2012

The Perfect Dog

One of my very favorite clients sent this HILARIOUS story to me last night.  Its a good laugh.  Oh what we will do for our dogs. So, we happily went for our walk last night – it was hot, so I have been trying to wait later in the evening.  I had planned a nice, […]

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The Way We Play

Most owners don’t see a connection between their dogs behavior in public and the way they play in their home. The truth is most animals learn through trial and error and there is no better way to train a dog then to find a game they love to play and use it as the way you reward […]

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Sometimes, Lulu stays home.

Separation anxiety in dogs is a relatively new phenomenon.  When I first became interested in dog  behavior, I hadn’t ever even heard of it.  Over the years it seems to have become more and more prominent.  I think that there are a number of reasons for it. People tell their dogs when they are going […]

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