November, 2012

Charlie is Amazing and needs a home!

Name: Charlie Age: 2 year old Sex: Neutered Male Breed: Has some Akita traits and lab features, big square head and curly tail. Very healthy, young athletic boy. Sweetest guy in the world! Charlie is a wonderful dog. He is very athletic and strong. He needs an energetic and committed family who will take him places and […]

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Retrieving is Sharing

By Eric: A lot of my clients want to know how to get their dog to be perfect about sharing things and to never guard things.  I have an easy solution; retrieving.  Teaching your dog to retrieve is one of the best ways to minimize the likelihood that your dog will ever be possessive aggressive […]

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8 is Great!

By Drew Webster, CPDT-KA Every client I work admits that is it so hard to find the time to train their dog. The truth is every interaction is a training opportunity and dogs process information every time we are together. Remember Dogs Do What Works, so anything they find rewarding will be repeated. The task […]

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Don’t be such a Turkey!

Our dogs survived Halloween with all the chocolate, door bell ringing and freaky costumes that come with it. Holidays and dogs don’t seem to mix very well. Thanksgiving is fast approaching. Start thinking about your plans for a well mannered dog among family, friends and feasts. The big dog issues around the Thanksgiving are excited door greetings […]

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