January, 2013

Chinook Chronicles- the choosing

I work as a certified professional dog trainer. My partner in business and in life for the last 12 years has been my beloved Border Collie mix, Bacha. Life has taken us there and back again from when I adopted her in college in Greeley, Colorado to the west coast (twice) and now full circle […]

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Lulu Needs your help TODAY!

Lulu is a very sweet 2 year old Terrier Mix. She used her amazing athleticism to scale a 6 foot fence and took to the streets. She ran 1/18/13 at 2pm. She was sited and nearly caught several times in that vicinity. The hot spot seemed to be Federal and Jewel, she was sited 3 times near there […]

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Finding Balance

By Eric: One question I am asked frequently is “What is your philosophy on training?”  I usually answer that I use proven techniques, operant and classic conditioning and “whatever works.”   I have a nice balance of training techniques and resources that actually works to produce results in such a variety of dogs. Many clients want […]

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Know your dog

By Drew: Many owners come to us with behavior problems that are totally normal dog behaviors or specific behaviors of their breed. Before you get a dog we always tell you to do your research- know the breed. But this doesn’t really happen, most people get a dog breed because it had an aesthetic draw, they always […]

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