February, 2013

G.D.T Gear Guide

Everyone wants to know, what is the best collar or piece of training equipment to use on my dog. The truth is there is no one right answer for every dog, but I can with good conscious recommend a front clipping harness that takes the pressure of the dogs neck (trachea is a soft and sensitive part of the dog’s neck) […]

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Are you living in a Petocracy?

Many owners today will admit to living in a household that is run and ruled by the fact that they love their pets. Do you find youself waking up hours before you have to be at work and braving the weather to get “Cuddles” out for her morning walk? Do you spend half your monthly […]

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Join G.D.T at our Petocracy Party

Eric and Drew will be at Foothills Animal Shelter next Saturday, February 23rd from 12-4pm performing FREE Canine Good Citizen Tests and demonstrations. Think your dog has what it takes? If you need some practice in the week leading up contact and we will get you ready. If your pet isn’t ready to become a […]

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Chinook Chronicles- joining the pack

My new puppies world had just transformed from wrestling his seven brothers and sisters and conquering the back yard to air travel, cargo transport and some bearded guy pulling him out of a tiny box. Mr. Red sat out in the heat of the Colorado summer sunshine. His flight had to be carefully planned so […]

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Chinook Chronicles: Brave New Pup

By Eric: Ozzie is Drew’s awesome new pup.  He is a handsome little guy and full of all the good things that I love about puppies.  Ozzy has an great temperament and a the best role models a young dog could ever hope for. The first time I met Ozzie, he was a bit nervous […]

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Treat Bag “Muzzle”

One of my favorite ways to trim a dogs toenails is to load up a treat pouch with dog food, treats, or anything yummy.   Once the pouch is loaded, I put the pouch on my belt or pants.  Then, I show the dog where the treats are.  Usually, the pup puts her nose in […]

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