May, 2013

8 is Great, train your dog in 8 minutes a day!

Every client I work admits that is it so hard to find the time to train their dog. The truth is every interaction is a training opportunity and dog’s process information every time we are together. Remember Dogs Do What Works, so anything they find rewarding will be repeated. The task of training your dog should […]

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Stop your dog from digging.

I am frequently asked the question “how do I get my dog to stop digging?”. If you go online or ask friends and neighbors you will hear the same tired advice which may or may not be realistic or safe advice for your own dog on different products and techniques to prevent digging. Some of […]

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Summer Health Risks

Summer means more fun in the sun. Dogs are spending more time in the great outdoors which in Colorado means we have to think ahead about health risks. One of the biggest worries for dog health in the summertime is being left in the car on a hot day. Dogs are especially vulnerable to heat-related […]

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