December, 2013

Loose the ‘force’ Luke…

Last weekend I saw a ‘dog trainer’ teaching class at Wash Park in Denver. This would have been great to see people practicing skills and obedience in a busy public setting except as I got closer I saw every dog was being yanked around on a prong collar every time they got up from the […]

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What’s wrong with a littl ol’ leash?

By Eric: Leashes have tons of uses, from controlling your dog to telling your dog when you are scared.  I see lots and lots of situations that could have been avoided if the owners had just had their dog on a leash.   There seems to be an epidemic of people who let their dogs off […]

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Off!! No!!! OFF!!!!

By Eric: One of the most common questions that I am asked is “How do I get my dog to stop jumping?”  Dogs love to jump.  They jump on kids, counters, tables, other dogs, doors, gates and about everything else.  But, they only really jump for one reason……it works. When dogs jump on kids, kids […]

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