February, 2014

Teach your dog the “F Word”

By: Drew Webster, CPDT-KA Yes I said it, teach your dog the “F Word”, chances are he already knows a thing or two about it any way. We are talking about FRUSTRATION, what did you think? Most of the hardest behaviors for pet parents to deal with are behaviors that come when the dog is […]

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Found Female Dog in SW Denver- Please Help

This sweet girl was found by one of our clients running along W. Florida this morning. She is an adult, female with redish orange fluffy coat. She has brown eyes, up ears and a small white patch of fur on her chest. She had no collar, tags or microchip. She is currently at Overland Animal […]

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Mighty Mixed Breeds

By Drew Webster, CPDT-KA. For years dog enthusiasts held competitions where they judge each other’s dogs based on purity of breed and blood lines. Owning a purebred dog was a sign of social status for the owner to boast that he had the greatest dog of them all. Like the royals of old dogs were […]

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Baby it’s cold outside

Well Ned Stark was right, Winter was coming. It is cold and snowy in Colorado and this means fewer play times, shorter walks and cold frozen paws. So as our dogs get cooped up how can you possibly meet those exercise needs. The truth is sometimes you just can’t. Working the brain instead of the […]

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