Can your dog do this?

This one is just for fun, find an activity your dog lives for, herding, flyball, agility, running, skijor, weight pull or skateboarding. Click the link to see a great video of a skateboarding dog. Radical Skateboarding Bulldog!

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  November 18, 2010   No comments

Poo Karma

What comes around, goes around, then gets stepped, smeared on the curb and so on and so on…. People in Seattle live in a concrete jungle and we fight for this open spaces to have nice places to take our dogs but I can never get over dog owners that don’t pick up after their […]

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  November 16, 2010   No comments

Kaya, a lesson in small steps.

This is a success story.  I’ve been working with a dog named Kaya recently for dog aggression. The owners are awesome, very committed and willing to do  whatever it takes to help her enjoy her life with other dogs more.  We started out with a private lesson to work on loose leash walking.  She and the […]

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Time for Training

Anyone who has ever had a puppy knows they can benefit from dog training. This is true of adult dogs as well. Training a dog does not have to be an overwhelming task — there are many ways to go about it. Dog training can be fun, and it can also serve as a bonding […]

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Dog at Seattle marina dies from poisoned food left for otters

You can view the whole article here at the Seattle Times. Dogs are scavengers and will put things in their mouths that smell like food. To often I hear horror stories like this with off leash dogs getting into something they shouldn’t or running into the street or after prey animals. “My dog is […]

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Denver Breed Ban Thoughts.

The last time Denver had a loophole in their pitbull ban, thousands of dogs were rounded up and put to death for no reason except that they were born pitbulls. The city said that they were re-examining their pitbull ban and then took peoples dogs and killed them. Denver is NOT a dog friendly city. […]

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Smurf Training

Check out an article I’ve posted on and leave me a comment. …”Often we make the mistake of thinking that our tone should be enough to differentiate the same word for different commands and behaviors. What? That is “smurfing nuts”! If every time I asked you to go Smurf the freaking smurf because […]

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This is just for fun.

Dog training should be fun. All too often I see owners with great tricks but horrible obedience. People often will spend time and lots of fun energy on teaching a dog a complex trick but when it comes to leash walking, duration, basic obedience and recall this comes across as work even though the process […]

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Good Dogs Really Do Rule!

We are an up and coming business located in two different states but with one great philosophy, good dogs rule. We are out to prove it. This site will under-go a lot of changes in the next few months but keep checking in, we want to be your go to site for FREE EXPERT DOG […]

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