The NEW 5 second rule

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By: Eric Gillaspy

Much too often, I repeat myself.  Yes, yes, I do.   I just did it again.  In dog training, that can really mess things up.  When we repeat ourselves, the cue to do the behavior gets blurry for our dogs.

For instance,  we say “sit,sit,sit,sit” and THEN reach into our pocket or treat pouch.  The cue to sit becomes the hand going into the pocket or pouch or our dogs learn if they wait for us to say it 3 times we loose patience and reach for a treat. It is more rewarding to wait then it is to comply when we ask the 1st time.

So, I’ve started to make sure that my clients and I will count to five after we say anything or say “no.” I call it the “5 second rule.”   I have been so pleasantly surprised.  A little patience goes a long way. Give your dogs time to think about the command after we have done our job to teach them what that command means.

Say it with me, “I will not repeat commands, I will not repeat commands, I will not repeat commands…”

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